what's your word?

New baby, new store, new renovations, new plans and big dreams. So, I chose the word embrace. I knew by the 6th day of 2017 that this year was going to be completely insane. One wild ride I was going to have to hold on for and embrace. I prayed that God would give me what it took to survive.

The moment I decided to open a storefront.

Having a storefront location wasn’t always in the plans. It kind of just happened. I think about this unexpected chain of events all the time. I remember the exact moment I decided that owning a storefront location was the next step for little h creative.

heart of the home.

Food & fellowship, two things I hold dear to my heart. Growing up on a produce farm and working with my hands to tend to the land from a very young age made me appreciate the purpose and value of food. I say the heart of the home is the kitchen table.

finding rest.

I am an anxious person. I like things to move at a fast pace and when I'm made to slow down it hurts my brain. I've done this to myself. Everyone needs rest. I'm giving you my three ways I found more rest and am working to live a less anxious life.