big changes are coming.

Hello! I wanted to pop-in and give you a little update. For almost 2 years I've been wanting to make a big adjustment within our business. Unfortunately, due to timing not being right and less than positive feedback, it never happened. But now, the timing is perfect.

find your word

About two years ago I started to focus on a word. No new years resolutions just one word that would sum up what I would hope for and what I could always fall back on in those times of "overwhelm". I have found it easier to remember and hold onto one word much easier than I can a phrase or unrealistic resolution I set for myself.

embrace the failure

That's hard to read, isn't it? We usually think of a failure as a bad thing, something to hide and quickly move past. I believe there is good in all the bad, all of the failures, those business ventures that left you in at a loss.

what's your word?

New baby, new store, new renovations, new plans and big dreams. So, I chose the word embrace. I knew by the 6th day of 2017 that this year was going to be completely insane. One wild ride I was going to have to hold on for and embrace. I prayed that God would give me what it took to survive.

The moment I decided to open a storefront.

Having a storefront location wasn’t always in the plans. It kind of just happened. I think about this unexpected chain of events all the time. I remember the exact moment I decided that owning a storefront location was the next step for little h creative.