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I’ve received many questions regarding the Eva Love Collection we did to help raise money for the Sherbondy Family. It is my intent to fill you in on some back history, answer a few common questions and give you an update now that almost all of the orders are out.

Q: Did you know Lindsay before Eva‘s accident?

A: Yes! In December of 2018 we were invited to participate in Magnolia’s Christmas at the Silos event. Thankfully, we were vendor neighbors with Lindsay Letters Co. The weather was less than ideal, cold & rainy with a lot of wind. Lindsay and her friends along with our crew basically hung out & braved the weather together, and got to know one another over the course of a few days. We left feeling so blessed that we were next to such wonderful and humble people.

Before leaving, Lindsay and I both acknowledged how fun it would be to do a collaboration. After months of emailing back and forth, we started designing a new artist collection. The design came together so perfectly and in July we finalized the color scheme and new sweaters that are set to launch in October.

Q: How did the Eva Love Collection come to happen?

A: As soon as we heard about Eva’s accident, our hearts sank. We began praying for sweet Eva as we followed her journey and read the beautiful words both Lindsay and Dugan have shared as they pray and have faith in this process. It was heavy on my heart to do something, but I was unsure of what I could do other than praying. Days went by and I started feeling like a fundraiser tee would be a good idea, but I wasn’t sure of navigating all of the details. Then Lindsay’s assistant, Joy reached out and said Lindsay had a design she created for Eva Love.

Instantly, Ryan and I knew this is was a way that we could help. Within days we had the tee colors finalized, the design ready to print and 500 shirts ordered to launch this collection. Not only were we honored to be a part of those supporting and praying for Eva, but we knew we wanted to donate the proceeds to help with any medical bills for the Sherbondy family.

Q: Did you expect to sell over 5,000 shirts?

A: No, I knew when we placed the initial order for 500 we would probably need more, but since we were out the upfront cost I was a little nervous to buy more than that. As soon as we received the shirts we printed and launched THE SAME DAY. When Tuesday night at 8pm rolled around I went to make the tees “live” and we had over 2,000 people on our site just waiting. As soon as we made the shirts available we sat in awe of what was happening. In just a few hours, over 4,000 shirts were sold. When I woke up the next day over 5,000 were sold. I could not believe my eyes.

I will admit I was super naive to the amount of work that was going to take place in the days to come. Yes, we have printed large orders like this before but we had never printed and fulfilled this many.

Q: What was the one thing that caught you off guard?

A: Hands down, the customer service part of an order this large. Hundreds of emails and dm’s flooded in with questions, changing orders, and requesting a refund on a shipping mistake that happened in the first few minutes of the shirts being live. It was so hard. I had to call in an employee who normally doesn’t work a ton to answer emails around the clock.

As we are completing the very last of the orders we are still answering and correcting orders we messed up. (Apologies for those who were short a shirt, we will get them to you. When going fast, mistakes happen!)

Q: How many shirts did you sell in total?

A: We sold 5,700 tees for sweet Eva and her family. You guys, that is unreal! We have spoken with Lindsay and we are not disclosing the $$ amount that we are able to give. I can tell you that it’s an absolutely crazy number and it would not have been possible without so many of YOU purchasing a tee and supporting Eva.

Final thoughts:

Due to the nature of these shirts and all proceeds going to The Sherbondy Family, we are not offering any returns or exchanges. Ramble & Company did not manufacture the tees therefore any holes or defects are something we could not prevent. However, while printing each of the 5,700 tees we did try to look for these errors. That being said, we did hand print each tee and we want to apologize in advance for any tees that may have any ink error. While we were trying to give a great deal of attention to detail and quality we were also printing for very long hours each day.


Our collaboration with Lindsay will launch mid October. The date was pushed back a little because of this project and we are truly very excited for you to see what we have designed and styled together. One hint, it’s sweaters for adults and kids!! The very first matching sweater set and even better, made in the usa.

the artist collection || Lindsay Letters Co.

the artist collection || Lindsay Letters Co.

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do good \\ be. do. have.