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Our goal is to provide our readers with meaningful content that inspires and cultivates purpose in our daily lives. Ramble Apparel is a brand that was founded on four words: abandon words. choose action. We hope to create a safe space that helps you live your best life while letting you into our daily life & struggles.

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The Ramble Journal focuses on four topics: Lifestyle, Inspiration/Wellness, Style & Fashion, and Business. We are excited to collaborate with other businesses by featuring their products or services in one of our blog posts. The goal for sponsored posts are that both parties work together to support one another while equipping our readers with inspiration and information. We will only feature and promote products and services as they pertain to what The Ramble Journal is talking about. The Ramble Journal will write the blog post and provide images at a rate of $150. If you choose to be featured and run an ad with us at the same time, you will receive a $50 discount. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon!


Looking to promote your business? The Ramble Journal offers 5 ad spaces each month. Each ad will be displayed on the sidebar of our blog, in the same spot, throughout the entirety of paid run time. Ads displayed will be featured on a blog post and Facebook post that month to thank them and draw traffic to their site. Ads are $50 per month or $120 for 3 months and are formatted as one photo image that includes two lines of text limited to five words per line, and one prominently featured button with your company name.


The heart behind TRJ is to provide our readers with a variety of information, experiences, and relatable tips on how to live a more healthy and restful life. Contributor posts will be selected based on its feature and promotion of products or services as they align with the main categories of TRJ, ensuring we remain authentic to our mission and purpose. We believe in growing a community and the group efforts it takes to prosper and so we want to create a space where guest posts are welcome. Our desire is to grow together and inform our readers about amazing products and services that are available. To submit a request, please fill out the form below. All topics and articles must be submitted for approval.


We love to work with other small businesses to help grow, educate and inspire our audience. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

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