5 easy tips to get out the door

5 easy tips to get out the door

Being a busy mom of three who thrives off of coffee, dry shampoo, and my trusty converse, an easy “out the door” look is my go to nearly everyday. I love nothing more in this world when the words “easy” and “style” are mentioned in the same sentence. I wanted to share a few simple steps to help you get out the door as quick and painlessly as possible on those rushed mornings.

1) Layering

Graphic tees are my favorite piece of clothing in my wardrobe because they are so versatile. You can wear them solo or if you want to dress up your look, layer on a cardigan or kimono. Now that the Fall weather is upon us, I cannot get enough of all the beautiful oranges, blues, mustard, and creams. These are beautiful accent colors to pair with solid color tees. Fun patterns amp up your look even more!

2) Don’t Be Afraid of Dirty

Y’all, I’m going to be real for a minute. I don’t have the luxury or the energy to shower daily. Embrace messy hair, dry shampoo, baby wipes, deodorant, and body mist. There are so many cute hairstyles that dirty hair works perfect with and dry shampoo can go a long way. I’m excited to share a few of those with you in the future!

3) Simple Makeup

I like to keep my makeup minimal for my everyday. Lets face it, I really love my sleep and don’t want to miss a second of it if I don’t have to. Three kiddos keep me on my toes all day long and I need my rest. I usually keep my makeup to BB cream, mascara, and a couple swipes of blush. Just something to keep the “are you sick?” comments at bay. It always makes me feel better about myself and it builds my confidence for the day.

4) Stack Bracelets

Add a few of your favorite bracelets. My personal favorites at this time are my leather wraps. They look super cute with anything, from my small turquoise cuffs to my Apple Watch. There’s never a bad day to have an arm party and they always add a touch of flare to any outfit.

5) Keep with your Favorite Jeans

When it comes to pants think COMFORT! There’s nothing better than your favorite pair of jeans. Whether they’re high waisted, distressed, bells, skinnies, or colored denim, your favorite pair of jeans are your comfort blankie. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re in the perfect jeans that fit you just right. It’s a huge boost of comfort on those days when you’re running around to and fro with your tribe.

I hope these few tips help simplify your morning style routine for school drop off, running errands, or soccer practice. May your coffee be strong and your toddlers mildly tempered.


Ramble Apparel  || We rise by lifting others. || Hat:  Gigi Pip , Jacket:  Old Navy , Earrings:  m wood designs

Ramble Apparel || We rise by lifting others. || Hat: Gigi Pip, Jacket: Old Navy, Earrings: m wood designs

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