get camping

get camping

On my list of news years goals is CAMP MORE. Our phones are on us all the time. I love the conveniences of our devices, but there are moments where I can't take it anymore. I can't help but think about what my parents did when they needed to get ahold of someone. They waited.

To be honest, I'm scared of waiting. If I don't react on my impulse to get a hold of someone right then, I'm scared I won't remember later on. I feel like I need to retrain my brain to remember and maintain instant contact with everyone. We live in a highly impulse society. Everything and everyone we need are right at our fingertips. It's helpful and easy, but it's also become a huge source of anxiety for me.

However, I have to say the one place that allows me to disconnect and truly be present are the outdoors. Camping. I'm thankful I grew up camping, sleeping in a tent, cooking by the campfire and swimming in a lake or hiking ALL DAY LONG.

When I got married and started a family, I knew I wanted to recreate these same experiences with my kids. I've talked to so many people that think we are crazy for taking our three small kids into the wild. In fact, I've recently met people who've never been camping. "What the what!" If you are looking for calm, a disconnect, and solitude, please trust me when I say- go book a camping trip!

Fall in North Texas is crisp, but not freezing making it the perfect time to spend quality time with your loved ones in the outdoors before the rush of the Holidays hit us.

get camping || the ramble journal


  1. Time moves slower. No emails, no school, no homework or late night projects. Time is no longer a fast-paced agenda. It moves slower when we actually get to enjoy every minute of the day with a stillness of intentionality with ourselves and our family.

  2. I get to enjoy coffee. The sound of the pot brewing in dead silence all around is my favorite way to start the day. We sip our coffee slower because there is no need to rush out the door.

  3. No service. In many state parks and camping areas there is little to no cell service. Technology has come so far and cell coverage continues to sweep across the land, but I enjoy the places where your phone will not work. It makes us put down the phone and be present where we are and who we are with.

  4. Better breakfast. When we go camping, we always cook a big breakfast. Eggs, bacon, & fresh fruit. Often, we take so long to cook breakfast that we don't have to worry about lunch. Win-win. Our go-to breakfast at home usually ends up being a packaged cereal bar that we are unwrapping as we hop into the car. I'll take bacon and eggs any day!

  5. Nap time for everyone. It's important that we get rest while camping and one way to do that is to plan for rest time. Only one of our kids takes a nap, so we usually lay Maggie down first and get her to sleep. Once she’s out, we all give in to the quiet or follow Maggie’s lead and fall asleep to the sound of the birds singing. Swimming & hiking is a lot of work, so making sure we plan for rest ensures we all have a good time.

  6. Early bed time. One thing about camping with small children is once it's dark, it’s bedtime. Ryan and I decide it's easier to go to bed with them and catch up on our sleep than pick up any distractions that can prolong sleep at home.

  7. Alone time. This goes with the above. When I go to bed early, I am usually the first to rise. I make the time to be alone. I either go for a walk around the campground, read while the sun rises, or sit quietly and drink in the beauty of my surroundings. It fuels my soul.

  8. Tasty dinners. When camping, we usually plan all of our meals before we go because we have to pack everything. We plan a big breakfast, sandwich or nothing for lunch, and an early dinner. Usually, Ryan grills and I am in charge of the sides. I'm thankful we both love food and we both love to cook. Our favorite go-to camping meal would have to be fresh stir fry vegetables, mac-n-cheese, and grilled chicken.

  9. Easy Entertainment. I feel like this goes without saying and this should probably be number one. No toys, no games, no apps. Just dirt, swimming, trees, and a hammock. We have a healthy rotation of water time, hiking, resting and swinging in our hammock.

  10. Family time. I guess you could say mandatory family time. When we camp, we often choose to go alone because we want to get back to our basics. We want to be surrounded by each others love and grace. It's the perfect time to reset, rely on one another, and not be influenced by the conveniences of everyday living.

So, there you have it! I plan to share more about how we camp and where we have gone, but first tell me, did you grow up camping? What's your favorite part? If you didn't go, why not?



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