making of a t-shirt + store face lift

making of a t-shirt + store face lift

We’ve been on overdrive mode for a couple of months now and I’ve had an itch to do something creative and unique for the store—and honestly, myself. Here are a couple of fun facts about me:

  1. I like paint. I’m mostly inspired by the colors and the act of changing something completely by a few simple brush strokes.

  2. I’m impulsive. Maybe you could say I like change and I’m quick to make a decision. Either way, I got in my head I was going to update the wall behind the register and then I was inspired by an image I ran across on Pinterest. I went back and forth on how I could recreate something in our store, but most importantly create something that connected with myself and our customers. I decided on a wall installation and I call it The Making of a T-Shirt.

I decided on this theme because “the making of a t-shirt” has been part of my life for 9 years. It put me through my last year of college, it paid off debt, and it is now our family business.

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This concept is a part of our lives every single day. We are Ramble & Company and we design and print all of our own t-shirts. I decided on this installation because I thought it would be fun to inform those visiting the store of how a t-shirt is made (of course not all details could be glued to the wall, but this is the best I could do).


  1. A light bulb - the idea.

  2. Ruler & Paper - the creative process, the ideas brought to light.

  3. A box - symbolizing that a single shirt design comes with a load of ideas.

  4. Paint sticks - it takes us many rounds to decide on the exact colors and style of shirt before we confirm for print.

  5. Inkjet Film - final design gets printed for screen prep.

  6. Screen is shot - once the image is in the screen, we prep to print the shirt.

  7. Squeegee and ink - ready, set, go!

  8. T-Shirt - the final product.

  9. Then the fun begins, marketing and sharing this product with all of you.

This process is so fun for us and this week I went back to to my word for the year: FOCUS. I’m reminded to focus on the process, focus on the creative and inspirational side of our business, and focus on creating the best product for our customers.

We hope you love what we create and know that many hours are spent developing and printing each and every shirt in our studio inside our store.

Here are a few of our favorite new designs! Shop Now >>

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