live simply + have fun blog series || Hurd & Honey

live simply + have fun blog series || Hurd & Honey

Hey hey! Ramble & Company is now bringing you a new blog series called LIVE SIMPLY + HAVE FUN || We wanted to bring more life to our apparel line so we design and print each shirt with YOU in mind. We also LOVE hearing how people wear our shirts, learning about their lives, and interviewing them to know more about the hearts behind their work.

In light of our rebrand, we have interviewed some amazing creatives who are breathing life into this world through their unique influence. We want you to learn more about them and if you find inspiration, encouragement, or something else, you should follow their journey as well.

Sam & Kristin Hurd || Hurd & Honey || Colorado

I am so excited for you guys to read about Sam & Kristin! I am getting one of these photo rails for ALL the images we have of our family because I am a sucker for all things handcrafted wood. These two create such beautiful and quality pieces for your home. Read more about their journey below! 


INSTAGRAM: @hurdandhoney

Describe Your Business in a Few Sentences:
We are a home décor brand, we craft custom furniture, wood-framed mirrors, floating shelves, and various household décor items. We operate full-time out of our garage woodshop in northern Colorado. Each “Hurd & Honey” creation is kin to humanity, full of unique characteristics, and purposed for a specific home and family.

What Made You Want to Start Hurd & Honey?

Our business started out of a mutual desire to build something together and to be together.

Honey Hurd-13.jpg

What is Your Favorite Thing About Being a Small Business Owner?
We love the flexibility and creativity that comes with owning a small business, but the real beauty is found in the hills and valleys. There is a continual “reliance on” and “trusting in” our faith as we venture through each season of our business.

“Be the Example.” What do Those 3 Words Mean to You as a Business Owner and, if Applies, Mother?
We’re much less concerned with the “strategies” and the “trends” regarding small business success, and would rather display our constant reliance on the Lord for our provision and determined “success." “Be the example” - put others before us, surrender our rights, and trust that our needs will be met, stop striving.

Honey Hurd-12.jpg

What Has Been Your Most Favorite Concert You’ve Ever Seen/Experienced?
In our almost seven years of marriage we have yet to attend a live concert together. We have always wanted to watch Bon Iver, or a chorale perform music by Morten Lauridsen. In the meantime we’ll catch live gigs around Old Town Fort Collins, like Cactus Cat.

If You Could Pick Anywhere in the USA to go on a Grand Adventure, Where Would You Go?
Living in Colorado allows us easy access to the beautiful Rocky Mountains, one of our motivations for moving here from Texas last year. In the past we have visited a few National Parks, and our dream is to visit all of them. We have a ways to go, but Grand Canyon NP will happen this summer, and most likely Grand Teton NP.

• Sam + Kristin + Ester Hurd • Hurd & Honey • November, 2011 • - • @hurdandhoney

• Sam + Kristin + Ester Hurd
• Hurd & Honey
• November, 2011
• -
• @hurdandhoney

live simply + have fun blog series || Ashley Fine

live simply + have fun blog series || Ashley Fine

re-brand recap

re-brand recap