live simply + have fun blog series || Steph Pollock

live simply + have fun blog series || Steph Pollock


You guys! I have been following Stephanie for awhile now and I just love her and her sweet family! She is so full of joy and inspiration. She has a new series on her blog called #thedailymoments and I have been taking part in this. She encourages you to set your camera out for a full day to capture each special moment. Please go follow her and show her sweet family some love!

INSTAGRAM: @steph.pollock

When did you start blogging and what drew you to want to document your beautiful days?  
I started blogging shortly after we got married and moved a few times. I wanted to document our lives and share with our families and friends. Im pretty sure no one even read it, but I had a blast writing my little heart out. Nowadays I blog because I love connecting with other women in all different stages of life and it's a fun way for us to remember each season life brings our way.

I recently started a series on my blog called #thedailymoments which was started to see the beauty in the mundane. Small everyday moments make up a life of beautiful precious memories. So I leave my camera out 1 day a week and snap a photo just about every hour and document our day raw and unfiltered.


Describe you and your family in a few sentences? Where do you live?
We live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I love our city because it really is at the base of the Rocky Mountains. I am loud, passionate and a dreamer, Olive is extremely passionate, silly and pure-hearted. Austin is passionate and the guy that brings balance to our family and sweet Pearl girl is passionate about her milkies. We all are so similar but so different and lend lots of grace to each other.


What is your favorite thing about having a blog?
2 things! Being able to look back on years of our lives and seeing how faithful and steadfast the Lord has been. The second would be connecting with others. I think life can feel lonely at times, I've been following bloggers since I was 15 and loved being able to feel connected to them in some way. Like we were friends that could grab coffee together so being able to be part of this blogging world and create that atmosphere is pretty awesome and something I take seriously.


Be the example, what do those three words mean to you as a mother?
To me being an example means being real and honest. Teaching our kids how to love, be kind, know Jesus, be a friend, show empathy ask for forgiveness is all things they learn by watching us in our everyday lives.


Favorite live concert you've ever seen/experienced?
James Vincent McMorrow. He really doesn't do shows here in the US and my husband bought tickets months before and surprised me the day of. It was a small venue, maybe 500 people and it felt so intimate!


If you could pick anywhere within the USA to go on a grand adventure where would you go?
I've always always always wanted to go to the east coast of Maine!


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