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A couple of years ago I dreamed about how far we could take our screen printing and apparel company. I wanted to be more involved in the manufacturing, color design, and overall finished product. As we’ve grown as small business owners I have had a shift in how I want to show up and serve our community and customers.

Before it was about surviving and getting this “idea” off the ground. Now, I want to make sure our product lines up with our brand values while supporting individuals in the best way. When planning our 2019 year I knew I had to look harder at finding a manufacturer in the United States that was practicing fair labor and making garments to order.

We currently order the best quality shirts from a brand that comes from a warehouse and then we screen print each design into each shirt we sell. We have no control over colors that produce, overall quality of each individual shirt they send us and most importantly we can’t control stock levels. We have had to discontinue many shirts in the past because we can longer purchase that exact shirt.

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I am so happy to announce we have finally found a manufacturer based out of California and each piece is cut and sewn for us. We picked the colors and style of the shirt. I am beyond excited about this collection coming to our store. The fabric is out of this world. If you thought we had soft, this is different and I believe, better.

We will continue to print both so when shopping our new styles be sure to read the descriptions. All USA made styles will be in a certain collection and labeled correctly. Be sure to following along on Instagram as I will be showing you a few of the new colors as they shipment comes in today!

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We do want to let you know the biggest change with this new collection is availability. We order a certain amount of inventory and it’s a 5 week turnaround from when we get more. We will stay on top of our inventory and hope we don’t sell out quickly however we can’t control everything.

Be sure you are looking and know when our launch dates are! We will always announce on our email newsletter first and then on social.

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launch date + behind the scenes

launch date + behind the scenes

behind the design || make today count

behind the design || make today count